Morgantown Chinese School (MCS) is a self-supporting parent cooperative where parents help each other giving Chinese language lessons to school aged children. Its purpose is to enhance Chinese language eduction. The school has no political, religious or social affiliations except for WVU.  The volunteer school administrators and teachers have always strived to help children of all ages who want to learn Chinese as a second language.

Morgantown Chinese School works with West Virginia University Continuing Education to offer Chinese classes of various levels. Classes are held each Sunday at 1-3pm at WVU Hodges Hall. Classes offered are:

Conversational Chinese – Designed for Non-heritage students, or students without any Chinese background. Non-heritage grade levels range from Conversational Chinese 101 thorough 404, altogether 16 levels. It suits students from non-Chinese backgrounds, or parents who are Chinese but do not have sufficient proficiency to assist students’ study at home. Non-heritage classes focus primarily on improving students’ conversational Chinese proficiency in listening and speaking. In addition, the classes still strive to further the students’ knowledge on reading and writing. Non-heritage program also provides guidance on Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) and other certifications. The Heritage classes are taught in a combination of Chinese and English depending on the grade levels. The instructors of Non-heritage program hold Master’s degrees or above in language related majors, and they have years’ experience in teaching Chinese as a second language.

Chinese for Preschoolers – This course targets at children aged 3-5 who is intrested in learning Chinese. The course is taught in immersion style where the instructor use Chinese almost entirely. Topics include Chinese Mandarin Pinyin, children’s songs, stories, arts and crafts, games, etc.

Reading and Writing in Chinese – Also known as the Heritage Program. It offers grade levels from Kindergarten through 12th grade. It suits students whose parents are Chinese and Chinese is an alternative language spoken at home.  Heritage classes focus on improve students’ comprehensive Chinese proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and focus on reading and writing. The heritage class is taught entirely in Chinese. Students are expected to have basic Chinese listening and speaking skills. This class uses Jinan University Chinese textbook.

Registration is done through WVU Continuing Education’s student registration website. If this website does not display the Chinese classes, it means registration has closed. For more information, please contact our instructor Celia through hushi@mix.wvu.edu.