School Location

Our classrooms are currently located at the 2nd floor of Hodges Hall, WVU downtown campus.

For you and your child’s safety, please follow the directions below to get to the classrooms.

  • The parking lot is at the side of Beechhurst Ave (see map below). Please use the pedestrian bridge to cross Beechhurst to get to Hodges Hall. It is much safer than directly cross the street on ground. 请走行人天桥过马路。
  • After you get to the other side of Beechhurst, please follow the blue path in the map below to the side entrance of Hodges hall.
  • Go up stairs to the second floor and make two right turns to reach the classrooms. The room numbers are: Chinese-Preschool: 252; Reading & Writing in Chinese: 201 – 248; Conversational Chinese Classes: 250.