Student Code of Conduct

  1. Please attend classes on time. If you have to skip part or the whole class, please let the teacher know in advance.
  2. Please show repect to the teacher and classmates. Any conduct that interferes with the teacher’s ability to communicate
    with the students in class and/or with the ability of other students to learn is not allowed. If severe distructive conduct
    is observed, the teacher will ask the student to leave the room and notify the parents.
  3. Any food or drink (except for water) is not allowed in the teaching area.
  4. Do not enter classrooms not in use and/or take away anything from the facility. Vandalism, stealing or any other damage to the
    facility and property belonging to the school, WVU, teachers, or other students will result in a fine of $100 plus the cost
    to restore/replace the damaged property.
  5. Please keep the teaching area clean. Do not litter. Do not write or sketch on any public surfaces.
  6. For safety reasons, please do not run or chase in the hallway. Do not leave the teaching area without permission. Students
    are not allowed to enter staircases or elevators without adults. If you need to go to the bathroom, ask the teacher and the
    parent volunteer in the hallway will acompany you.
  7. The school welcomes comments or suggestions for teachers or staff. The shcool will handle complaints